Decadent chocolates and gummies made from the finest ingredients. Carefully crafted with the highest quality distillate. Gourmet ingredients are used to create delicious flavors and combinations. Individually wrapped `for an on-the-go experience. Available in 10 Packs (100mg).
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Pretzel Bites
Wafer Bites
Hybrid Gummies
Cookies & Cream
Indica Gummies
Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Sativa Gummies
Sea Salt Caramels
CBN Gummies
Cookie Bites
Experience a higher standard of concentrates with Magnus Concentrates. Focusing on wax and distillate cartridges. Magnus is a High Times and THC Classics award winning product. Available in a variety of strains with naturally derived terpenes for flavor and effect.

    – Bold, Enticing Flavor
    – PG & Glycerin-Free
    – Non-button battery or .5 volt batteries av
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Bleezy Blunts is a fun alternative to regular pre-rolls using a blunt like paper. Packed with premium whole flower. Bleezy provides a smooth, slow burn for the best blunt smoking experience possible.
    – 100% Tobacco-free
    – Humidity pack provided for freshness
    – Wrapped in all-natural blunt paper
    – Bleezy Blunts have .8 G Premium whole flower
    – Bleezy Kief Blunts have .2 G ` Kief & .6 G Premium Whole Flower
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Fuel concentrates are rich in flavor and sell at an insanely competitive price. Smooth distillete drags combined with unique and rich flavoring makes Fuel Concentrates a must have.
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Soothing relaxation and anti-stress relief. Le Remedie's high quality ingrediants absorb quickly, leaving skin silky smooth. Aids in relaxation and stress relief (300 MG CBD/THC 1:1) This fast acting formula has no psychoactive effects, perfect for everyday use.
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300 MG CBD : 300 MG THC
500 MG CBD : 100 MG THC
1000 MG CBD : 1000 MG THC
Cannabis Oil Bursting with Fruit Flavors
Hybrid distillate cartridges made with high-quality natural terpenes for flavor and effect.
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